My Inner Strength, a poem by Hemu Aggarwal at
Hemu Aggarwal

My Inner Strength

My Inner Strength

written by: Hemu Aggarwal



My inner strength, no one knows
It’s mine, only mine; it forces me to do
What I do, when I do, why I do
There is no rhyme or reason for what I do

My inner strength, no one knows
Sometimes it’s calm, serene, and peaceful
At times, it’s volatile, explosive, and it blows
I feel what I feel, at times, tranquil and blissful

My inner strength, bursting with energy
wants to engulf all my surroundings,
it comes and goes, and no one knows
Only I know when its intensity is mounting

My inner strength no one knows
Sometimes disciplined, at times disorderly
embrace all within reach or remain aloof for hours
overworked and exhausted, or aimless and unruly

My inner strength no one knows
Tick, tick, tick, the small hand keeps going on
Day and night, hours after hours, without a fight
The endless energy that overflows on and on

My inner strength no one knows
An endless array of rainbows with a thousand colors
with light so bright, blinding my own vision
closing my eyes, holding my breath, and grinding my molars

My inner strength no one knows
How deep, how intense, how unbearable it gets
making me sleepless, restless, or even relentless
Neither it subsides, nor it vanishes until the right tone it sets

My inner strength no one knows
Like an erupted volcano bursting its flames into the sky
A monsoon thunder striking the lightning onto the ocean
My inner strength, my survival game going to stay with me until I die

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