Summer Afternoon, a poem written by Huntersjames at
Gary Bendig

Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon

written by: Huntersjames



Oh butterfly sailing ‘gainst the wind
Painted sails unfurled you fight your way
Yet why to go just now? Magnets in your mind?
On air as thick as soup, Summer stirs the day
Straight ahead the mountain first then tomorrow
Noon will warm your faints their colors bright will dry
Then up you draft a silky breeze you hitch and go
Gliding on your Soul, your lace designed our sky
She bobs her tail, antennae magic takes her South
Bobbing as the currents give her pass
Time is lost to distant worlds we hear by word of mouth
Will we see you again? Before we do the looking glass?
See the flashing lights? Signal you’re home success.
Once a boy’s dream that we again might roam
Now all’s electric and computers, we call it progress?
You alone before the count of time, gave us Summer afternoon.

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