Giants, a haiku string written by Huntersjames at


Giants written by: Huntersjames @huntersjames   Every step we take An earthquake to those beneath We pray for their sake Our pleas be too late Entr...
If Only, a poem written by Huntersjames at

If Only

If Only written by: huntersjames @huntersjames   There is a name for that I did not choose Trails I shied away from Chances never taken Promises mad...
Dream, a poem written by Huntersjames at


Dream written by: huntersjames @huntersjames   Fly as high as thought will bear Weight will lose its greed and share Faith to sail beyond imagined wa...
Red Ink, haiku poem written by huntersjames at

Red Ink

Red Ink written by: huntersjames @huntersjames   Life is glorious You can’t forget about me Life is wretchedness. Age grants flowers bloom Until th...


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