Gaits Unhinged, a poem written by Huntersjames at
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Gaits Unhinged

Gaits Unhinged

written by: Huntersjames



have a seat and watch a person’s gait
see yourself how it swings, yes of course
how it poses is the predicate
the tell opens wide and betrays the horse

see it slouching in then out the door?
bending to another’s will, stealing quietly away
or stomping pompously to bore?
erasing all pretense to our dismay

could it be shy and quiet taking care?
setting an example for our nature
determined, deft and brave without fanfare?
there is no hectoring in its manner

it could be hungry stalking what it needs?
nature stirs alarmed at this on our masthead
tiptoeing guileless, scared to ask where it leads?
signals pungent with the scent of dread

what is it that it seeks to sell?
some new version of what is true?
steals your trust before you can tell
its hitch like its pitch askew

does it bounce and catch your eye
stirring you to take the chance
eager heart exchanges winter for July
takes you out for a dance

it was young, then it was old
leading and following wherever it goes
had not wings to alight on its chosen marigold
its rest instead a gift on the edge, a cliff rose

ambling quietly away with god
gait shuffles frail when all has been told
those stories and galavants, none left to be trod
just sleepwalking dreams with mates of old.

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