Grieving Feels Like This, poetry by Huntersjames at

Grieving Feels Like This

Grieving Feels Like This

written by: Huntersjames



Her reproachful smile
Have you been drinking again
Grieving feels like this
Wiping away tears
Choking back words of cotton
Holding hands with mom
Crying in the rain
Inside the bubble we made
Shiny cold like steel
She’d won at marbles
That night she held her Rockwell
To remind her when
Then she was no more
We’d known each other too well
The last time it rained
When you’re almost done
Lights are brighter colors glow
Mistletoe can tell
Negotiating Life
Exquisitely sanctifies
Ask a butterfly
Hiding from the light
Death slouches mean under clouds
Never shows his face
Her glorious voice
Our mourning song goes silent
Grieving feels like this.

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