For Ever After written by Wade H Myles at

For Ever After

For Ever After

written by: Wade H Myles


A search, a quest, mine flame but flickered
Such strife, such sorrow, mine wick near withered
Agony’s elimination negated, ominous blade serrated
Every step arrested by demons, my past infested
Pure agony encumbered, yet I dreamt ye but slumbered

Then unbeknownst, ye were the key, my chains unseen awaited thee
A dusk had fallen without dawn
Mine eyes, glazed, prayed to gaze upon
That which they had yet nor ever could have seen
But oh! How teary for thee didst they dream!

Twas with elation, heaven begot, when by their vision ye had been caught
Adoration assumed its throne within mine heart
For ye were to be there from life’s first breathing start
And now this light, we holdeth together
Unfettered, untethered, holding strong, though weathered
An ever after, I envision for our unity
And perhaps our past was to callous immunity
For onward, joy we shall ne’er do without
Until our last breath, and our flames of life go out

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