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Where Infinity Is Born

Where Infinity Is Born

written by: Wade H Myles


Many years have I spent
Dreaming of a unity like this
Your aroma
Every motion you make
Like planets, we gravitate
Our souls
This intensity of our coexistence
The gods envy like no other

Our lips meet in a quiet embrace
But the electricity of the connection
Is enough to set the world on fire

My hands need only to graze
The skin of your angelic sinew
And a power is born
That could decimate this galaxy

Like gunpowder and flame
Eyes locked, passion explodes
Sending our hearts hurdling
To distances beyond imagination

Your head lays upon my chest
And the pounding within
Is enough to hammer
The earth into a new universe

Which is exactly where we must be
For at this moment
Nothing and no one exists
Time ticks no more
And infinity is born

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