written by: Wade H Myles

One eve, I washed from that darkest tide
And there upon that shore my conscious lied
To bear witness to a Raven that cried.
Carrying with it a light I’d never seen before
And though it shook me to my core,
With stark eloquence, he spoke, “Nevermore.”

Soon then, the starry night began to fade out of sight
And came arising the sun, sweetly bringing soft warm light.
Such an event, I must wholly submit to admit,
Had quite tremendously puzzled my wit!
Was this nightmare or dream?
Should I lay silent or scream?
Was this as real as it seemed?
Such ghastly inquisitions within my mind, had begun to teem.

Yet I laid there still, against immediate judgement and will,
To have my sinew shaken with thrill
Because, with a tone so shrill,
Yet again I heard but one word
Proclaimed from that daunting shadowy bird.
Yes, with that candle lit lantern burden he bore-
And though it shook me to my core-
From out his mouth the silence he tore
That same rhetoric of, “Nevermore”.

And then so sudden, when upon my arm he came a-landing,
It seemed, a gift, he came handing
A final, true, unwavering understanding,
And Yes! It shook me to my core!
The pain and life I’ve always known before,
I shall know or feel “Nevermore”.


It is indeed inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

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