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Off The Wall

Off The Wall

written by: James Hancock



There once was a boy who sat on a wall
Sat on a wall for no reason at all
What a fool

There once was a cat who stared at the boy
Sat on its wall, oh what gall
It hoped he’d fall

There once was a dog who watched the cat
Who stared at his master
Who sat just past her
High up on a wall
And gazed at a thing
A thing on a swing

There once was a girl who liked the boy
And would play on her swing
To entice the boy in
But he stayed on his wall
Not moving at all
What a fool

There once was a bee who stung the girl
A nasty swell and a tearful yell
And she fell

The boy on the wall
Heard her call
And ran to her side
As her eyes opened wide
And even though he tried
Was unable to hide
His affection
Their fate was finally sealed
They kissed and she was instantly healed

The girl smiled
A successful ploy
Had won her the boy after all

And the cat returned to its wall

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