The Steps, a poem by Clive Grewcock at

The Steps

The Steps

written by: Clive Grewcock


A snapshot fell
to the kitchen floor.

A tumbling child
landing askew on the ground.

Faded yet unharmed on its surface.
He must be six or seven at the time –

the moment his photograph was taken.
I am guessing the 1940s.

What is he doing standing
at the top of the steps?

Are you coming to
or going from,

or simply waiting
for a return?

I wonder if you have been left behind
on the step.

You appear lonely, yet
familiar with the situation.

This place atop the steps and
looking up from the kitchen floor.

Clive Grewcock

Clive Grewcock

Clive Grewcock is a writer based in the Scottish Highlands with a particular interest in language and the way it can evoke a depth and emotion through creativity. "Poetry has a wonderful power in our world, not necessarily in a shouting way but also with subtlety and asking others to invest and bring something of themselves to the work. It is good to contemplate and consider through writing."
Clive Grewcock

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