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Victories are few beyond the endeavour
striving to aspire for perceptions of normality
enduring without question acceptance of status quo
a meek lamb awaiting slaughter, no rocking boat

no histrionics, delusions to change for a soulful say
resigned to scurry amongst detritus with peers
Piers driving a Morgan and I, a Ford
Henry’s finest mode

what a fellow of fine he was, or not
dependent on ratios of tolerance, lovers of discriminators
supporters to race extinctions
am I an association accessory, a cross to be nailed upon?

Because I’ve failed

I failed to become the person I should
read the books, gain the knowledge and wisdom
to influence a world that shivers and creaks
under weights of self-destruction

I failed the enough test, loving loved ones,
left stones unturned, words to be said,
before the curtains final drop
as the ash blew into the winds beyond

I failed to hold the tightest squeeze, the longest hug
lingering a gaze, stroking a cheek
holding hands whilst saying the words
the blanket words, that caress shoulders with comfort

like a litter’s runt, I’ve failed to become a wisteria
climbing trellis, pushing through, searching new adventure
clinging, claiming residence, owning the space occupied
peacocking, busting into bloom, shouting inspiration

each failure committed, condemning the world to continuity
bending to wills of self-destruction, perpetuating axis of equilibrium
balancing, many ill-resourced, perfectly against, power wielders
seduced by bought / paid slaverings, repeatedly served

oh how I long not to have failed

failed to stop, discrimination of nations against alternative
torturing souls, bodies and minds, broken and discarded
set adrift from society, the weak ugly side of easy street
pointing twisted fingers at non-conforming

fear cultivated, dividing unity commons, before realisation dawns
manufacturing differences, presented by profiteers
the truth, an inconvenience, awaiting repackaging
I, as you, will not see change, because I, as you, have failed.

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