Once Known, beat poetry written by SMiles at Spillwords.com

Once Known

Once Known

written by: SMiles



The magnitude of chaos
depth by which the earth shudders
the scale of destruction abounding
by the loss of blue sky and clean water
preceding the vigour of vengeance
the might administered beyond ignorance
that summons the rains of acid
and quakes of the earth’s crust

the likes to which Nostradamus could not dream
for telling of mere obsequiousness by comparison
of only manners disassociated
whilst predicting a hiccup of blind inconvenient indigestion

as the people crisp and curdle
the waltz plays on
whipping a frenzy with the violin
horns interjecting accompanying the violation of the drum

sweeping houses, streets, and cities
into dust balls watered by quenchless blood
blood of the him and the her, of the them and the us
of civilizations and the simple fabrics of existence

torturing those remained
by the what once was
regretting the desire for more
in the wake of the once had

a detritus landscape stretched the circumference
the rabbits being human, and the holes only homes
without innate beauty nor reality of function
no reflection of the life once known.

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