Quilted Quarrels, poetry written by Asceticquill at Spillwords.com

Quilted Quarrels

Quilted Quarrels

written by: Asceticquill


I step through
your gilded glow
flowing like a rainbow
bleeding from the sky

and in those nights
when you fed me
all of your

I would daydream
that I was a broken whisper
in a heavy breeze

escaping from this disease

mocking the imprimatur
burlesque rave
of your
mundane escapade

your pompom skirmish
peaks as a foetus wave
scoffed upon as jejune
by my in-house typhoon

I do not
to mend

as we inhale each other’s barrages

rummaging through broken bottles
and syringed roses

that line the road of our
noxious breaths

you have raped my corona
imprisoned my hubris
garroted my shadow

I dissipate
into the singed shroud
where the ollie bygolly oxen

as you take
my verity
and wrap me
in a
bloodstained cerecloth

for there is no stone
to roll away

as I rest
in a acolyte stasis
as a tight lipped gudgeon

ensconced within
the stillborn chorus
of my own

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