Waiting For Rectifying Sigh From My Corrosive Tribunal by Asceticquill at Spillwords.com
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Waiting For Rectifying Sigh From My Corrosive Tribunal

Waiting For Rectifying Sigh From My Corrosive Tribunal

written by: Asceticquill


closed is the silken womb of morrow
chased by sunsetting children
into cesarean dreamscapes

all faith shimmers
as retractable anarchy
double pane murderous etiquette

through nightmarish kisses
give me back my sin again

ergo turin caresses
jaywalk through
lukewarm stillborns
drained from ocular smiles
of defunct padres

into the threaded locket
they unravel sanskrit winds
as shackled fire
chokes on their serpentine gravity

opening the supernal ovum
as scarred phantoms
project psionic atlatls
through the respiring basilica
of their better consciousness

strung as cuneiform gospel
waiting in saturated shadows
until convulsing whispers
sodomize the suns sabbatical

tangelo cattleyas
sway in the herding dusk
i salvage the equilibrium
of our suicidal dawn

in a pasturage of cerise iaca
i sample your wounded nursery
and nurture your nursing ample
that place where infants
learn the electric of bonding

inside steel breasted sparrows
entombed mornings
digest the girth of night

scarred with feathered understanding
that only a madre can emulate

this static coaxes
the lamb of your inferno
the way that light attaches
to the mold of your pearl

your nefelibata nephilims
scorch my cemented parthenon
shapeshifting this hubris
into interstellar aeonian loops

i fall into your exhale
as an synesthesia vesper
lost in a four corner sigh

give me more than words
for i have earned the burden of you
as your malignant ardency
eats through my marrow

my illustrious friend
who exhumes my insecurities
to bloom my heralded lotus
confined within my catatonic abyss

bleed upon me
your flourishing grail

as i erode as a eros ion

just to catch olympus lyrics
that offshoot as rorschach rosaries

i fold as a frozen pulse
within the orbit of you.

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