Salvaged Aspirations, poetry by Asceticquill at

Salvaged Aspirations

Salvaged Aspirations

written by: Asceticquill



Falling north
of my buried stab
hugging camouflaged

pyramidal visions of us
yo-yos diagonally
in the hung obloquies
of blown napalm kisses

shimmying along the gangplank
stifled by atonement
on the penitent bridge
overlooking the breathing lacune

I wash myself in the salty insults
slipping from your gatling gun lips
where loops of atrophy relax
within the clogged echo
of my inchoate thump,

this overture
of pockmarked amenities
swindles away my last stretch
of curled chrestomathy.



I remember us
stretching the aether to ripple
in the crown of an inverted
arc de sant martí,

now view,

our miscarried bond
trickles as a creek
into styx greed

rembrandt refractions
glisten through your tear drops

where did our dissidence
launch from?


it was eclipsed

by a famished novaya zemlya effect
too palliate the lacerations
etched within our hollow basilicas

embracing the plica syndrome
a crassamenta of renascence
through each other’s
jigsawed simpers.



I apologize
for having
my memento vault
on vibrate;

eremitic and cold,

was my reflection
in your reverberated lanterns
as my bleeding nictate dictates
crippled ripples
stifling a soiled aria,

firing promethium projectiles
crocheting crescendo carousels
deployed from the lips
of cannibalistic stars

weaving scars canonizing us
as shrapnel paupered puppets
gift wrapped as diapason decoys
in a celestial snipe hunt

these are the screams we breed
coronated as bludgeoned internuncios
blatantly selfish in the protection
of our velveteen vanilla coronas.




my gilded costilla,

I cower inside
the tempered temperature
of your silence

praying for a cantus firmus
to grace this flickering ember
with a backdraft of dulce days,

can we glide as an auric orison

in the reverse osmotic reverie
of a wounded prime maestro?

To caress the chiffon face
of our stoney fini

hold me,

as one last whisper
in the halls of your
fractured tabernacle

in a epoch,

we will send thank you notes
to redeem the failure
we manifested
hopefully to save
the perforated politesse thump
in suicidal seraphs;


we envelope and elope
as lichtenberg figures
charred as an iconic constellation
in Jehovah’s atrial planetarium.

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