We Again, poetry written by Okey at Spillwords.com
Toa Heftiba

We Again

We Again

written by: Okey


My angel greets me.
Bestowing upon me with her eyes
glory in her stare
which shakes off
the poverty-level desperation
of my day.

She doesn’t mind the restaurant stink,
my sweaty rat’s nest hair,
the fact that I’m not interested
in her at this very moment.

She slides up next to me on the couch,
under my arm,
resting her head against my chest.
She checks out my shirt
guessing the day’s lunch specials.
It’s a game she plays
when she reads me in a foul mood.

I break and crack a smile,
tickle her under her arm.
She laughs out loud,
tosses her hair,
a symphony of reactions.

We settle in together on the couch
for a little afternoon television,
“Days of Our Lives.”
Oh, John and Marlena.

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