Feminine Sail, beat poetry written by SMiles at Spillwords.com

Feminine Sail

Feminine Sail

written by: SMiles



Baiting a trap made of breath
expelled and delivered
one no is enough
turning tide on the river
heralding the liberated
is no dreamed apparition
observed in the street
in excellent condition
pinning stripes, dog tooth style
whilst suiting the suit just fine
sporting tight clipped cut hair
DM cloppers highly shined
statementing one’s self
drops of ox blood without pain
peeping beneath the leg
of a tailored piped drain
flashing a blonde crown
above a blued eyed stare
purposefully striding
setting apart to nowhere
confidence oozes like chocolate
a fantasy too far for man
exquisitely presented
singing catch if you can
dream on little soldiers
this bird turns for no male
long having nailed colours
to the feminine sail.

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