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So Much Of Me Yet So Less Of Me

written by: Vansika Pareek



So much of me yet so less of me,
I wish that life should not be of stages but a winding of pages,
I felt like eating sand when I had a nineteen band on my wrist
that felt so stiff and all I need to do is to flip a little for the pages
those I crushed and burnt to look through for this
present in which the flames flicker; still.

Every moment, I slaughtered, to feed the following
and the wheels only had my corpse to be chauffeured,
so it was not time that raped my smile and
cursed my happiness but my innocent fingers,
those do not know how deep to dig.

Last time I sat on that bench on whose silhouette
latch millions of memories,
I could not hold on to a single one for I was weaving,
when the soft northern winds were kissing my cheeks,
I was making bed for smooched lips,
when the night was sinking in mother's sweet lullaby,
I was plucking strings,
I had so much of me but I felt so less of me,
I abused powers to make me denizen of dark but
letters died of waiting for answers not because
I was less favorite of a child but because
I was more ignorant of a being.
Light was always a boon but I dwelled on shadows.

Vansika Pareek

Vansika Pareek

I hail from the land of ‘artistic and cultural traditions’; Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) and have a deep affection for creativity. This justifies my craving to introspect personalities as every individual is a different art. Presently, I am pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh, India). Realization is sudden and ever. I feel people inside me long to speak from an introvert persona and hence my love for poetry. With every single piece, I would try to give voice to their raging thoughts and innocent apprehension of Shakespeare’s theater.
Vansika Pareek

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