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We The People

We The People

written by: Kayt Peck


“We the people,” they said.
Bewigged men in a colony with dreams of independence
They held a vision of freedom …
… for themselves at least.

Were they?
The people that is.

Dark skinned people in a desert land.
Diné they call themselves.
It means “the people.”

Are they?
The people that is.

Slavic tongues call themselves the ones with language …
… basically, “the people.”

Are they?
The people that is.

African drums.
Gentle mantras.
Skins of all color throughout the world.
Everywhere cultures self-name themselves “the people.”

Are they?
The people that is.

The answer is “yes,” period, exclamation point, a simple “yes.”

Wherever warm blood flows red through human veins …
Where the longing for love and understanding motivates human lives.
Where fear and uncertainty foster hate and limit human lives.
Wherever humanity lives with a dream of freedom.

There you will find …

We the people …
… hold these truths to be self-evident.
That all humanity has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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