Second Chance written by Cash at

Second Chance

Second Chance

written by: Cash



It all started well and great
But down the hill it went.
And now it seems I’ve lost her.

Oh! How I dreamt of her
I searched for just the right words to say,
Planned ma every move.

Terrible! Just Embarrassment!

“Did I actually do that?”
“Was that really me?”
I keep asking ma self
Then I realise it wasn’t me.

It’s ya Love
Just an inch close to you
Doubles up ma shyness.
No wonder I turned speechless

Oh! Mon Coeur!
Grant me a second chance

A man born with error I am,
A man faulty in thoughts I am,
I may not know everything,
But at least, I know I have you in ma Heart!!



I am 20 years old. I studied literature for a few years but never thought of writing. I am a computer Hardware engineer and currently studying Software engineering. I recently started writing poems and poetry, and I really enjoy it. And now I ain't ending.

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