Daylight Moon, poetry written by James Bell at
Logan Weaver



written by: Huntersjames



Old postcards never addressed
What ails us doctor? Never been this sad
That voice again proclaims it’s heading west
Lies the mob a school of fish rotting first the head

Shanghai chicken feet lend crooked teeth new life
We try not to wonder where they used to walk
Bowing for Anthony tightens our grip on the knife
We chew through tears from heaven no words to talk

We can have the smartest phones
Keep us chained wireless anxious
Let anybody ‘splain you bout their jones
Empty your mind and hope it’s not contagious

Take a flight of stairs take what you need
Entomb the secrets in a basement deep
Imagining the hurt is buried
Cardio for the soul can get no sleep

In the day when a man only got his letters
Once each day and usually in the morning
Thoughts were free from fetters
All day thereafter naps were set for snoring

Seems we don’t want to hear
The report someone close is dead
It hurts to feel and see another bier
Click on through nod polite we bow our head

Everyday the postman turns and walks away
Leaving something someone wanted me to know
My shiver when the mockingbird has her say?
I fear it’s meant for another friend’s shadow.

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