Mystical Wonders, a poem by LadyLily at

Mystical Wonders

Mystical Wonders

written by: LadyLily



Hush! The Snowman shouts,
His trillion-flaked overcoat
Threaded by Jack himself…

Once proud King Pine of the Lounge,
Slumped, garden dumped,
Redundant Christmas Tree,
Still breathing,
Teased by sleet-soaked tinsel twirls,
Frozen arms, thumbs and feet,
Clogged with flawed festive bulbs
Nattering amongst themselves,
Stung by freeze-mint air.

A Dolly, felt-tipped tattooed,
Body ached, throbbed,
Mute of giggles, hair rag-tagged.
Deep purple dress faded to grey,
Lost shoe, lost soul,
Glass eyes, tears captured in time,
Flaked lashes…
She looks like an Anna.

Winter’s mystical wonders enchant,
Ghostly strange snow
With sprawling Arctic sleet.
I taste copper from silent icicles
Which are honoured by an orbed Moon,
Its aluminium flames ripple with angel’s fire.

Fallen scarlet berries are squashed in sludge
By Sprite-like beings,
Sipping their lychee flavoured liquor.
Lurking in frozen shadows with gossamer spangled wands,
Gurning raspberry-ripple smiles,
Lips smothered in mistletoe juice.

Hungry Polar Bear, his saffron tongue licks a glazed popsicle,
Creeps up on Faerie Folk,
Blows cold kisses up their knickers.
Encases snared happy Gnomes in blocks of ice,
Mummifies frogs beneath platinum sheets.

Sunset’s ginger flames spark jasper,
Flirting with an infant rainbow.
Steely ash falls to pearly debris
Cradled by ebony earth
as Ivy glows like peridot.
Queues of Fir trees tip-poke the sky,
An opal moon drifts into view
Without a word its magnetism sizzles.

Wrapped, silk-skinned snowdrops
in their timeless state await
a timeslot to ignite.
Moonlight mirror-glints
as constellations begin to chrome.
Live the magic of Mystical Wonders.

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