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The Fighter Of Dignity

The Fighter Of Dignity

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


How long can I stand upright
When so many times
I’m hit by hard times …

When life sends its uppercuts
Straight into my face
Knocking me down again and again
with no pity and no mercy
Sending my weakened body
into a harsh and cold world …

With my soul bleeding
I try to stand up
To fight for my dignity
While I’m hearing sarcastic voices
Advising me to stay down
to save what’s left from my honor ..
They want me to beg for my life
And give up my pride
For slavery …

But my willingness
To stay free
Ignites my heart with hopes
Maybe with another will
I can break all the chains …
And with another breath
My legs can move faster
And I can sway again with life
while dodging its malicious hits

And maybe with one last swing
The chance might choose my side
And only then I can be free

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