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written by: Ash Gallagher



There is a story I must tell you,
Behind the coconuts in the rock.
True, you may find it strange or absurd.
But anyone who has stood on a pile of rubble in a war zone will see what I see
Will know what I know.
Stories of a life sucked out and left to the stone.
Ah, but too, a reflection,
-a reflection of what healed deep inside.
from human to Earth, Bones evident
of a restored breath.
Yes, when I saw them, I remembered and smirked at such irony.
Anyone who has stood atop rubble will know.
Will understand
– the brilliant, beautiful, masterful depth of the coconuts in the rock.
It is the valiant resilience of knowing soul beyond…
the bones of Mother Earth,
the bones of humankind,
the bones of all that is structured or left behind.
Bones tell a story,
teach us,
Who we are and were,
will be and how we belong.
The story is what brings us to our very Divine knees
Reminds us of holiness amid death,
Brings us life,
Fills our being with abounding waters of Mercy.
Back to Oneness,
the coconuts in the rock, evident of my own cultivated peace within,
Cried out, rose up, stitched together,
Renewed in the waters, the soil and the sand.
Wind of heaven knew,
Coconuts in the rock would not remain,
The bones in the rock are not the end.
Instead: upon their return to life,
They say, send me, here I am, all I am, radiate One and live again
From the sands of war to the waters,
The Coconuts in the rock assured my soul from whence I’d come.

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