First Monster, a poem written by Angie Brocker at

First Monster

First Monster

written by: Angie Brocker



You’ve created a monster
And set it free
But it will never leave you
The monster is me
I was born a different person
The change was made inside
Now I know I’m not worth it
It’s easier to hide
If I liked myself
At least I’d have a friend
I need to find some solace now
So all of this will end

My mirror used to be accepting
Flaws were viewed as minor
Now it’s continually rejecting
Broken glass is a constant reminder
She’ll come for you tonight
But you won’t be granted a wish
Her claws are sharp as spikes
Leaving you full of anguish
Crying out for more
But full of guilt and shame
Suffering becomes what you crave
You have yourself to blame

I’m ugly from the inside out
But then again, so are you
I have no chance to recover
And I’m bringing you down too
All you’ll have are your memories
The rest will be erased
You’re going to be a zombie
Your life will be displaced
I’ll never be alone again
Your former life will be a blur
Someday you’ll come to realize
You were the first monster

There’s a monster inside of me
No longer in obscurity
You won’t know when she’s coming
In fact, she’s already here
I’ve spent the whole day summoning
I need to keep her near
Try once to take her from me
That’s the last chance you’ll ever get
Get down on your knees and plea
Consider this a threat

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