Witch's Rags, a poem by Nancy Lazar at Spillwords.com
Miriam Espacio

Witch’s Rags

Witch’s Rags

written by: Nancy Lazar


Born with the sign of Cancer in decline –
that glorious sun-love of innocence
absent from my life’s path –
I wandered into the child’s domain
already a mother to some
getting paid for my devotion to others.

Born of the 70’s obsession with the role
of the womb, when life’s choices
for my kind abounded,
my path took me far from motherhood
before it brought me back and laid me
at the feet of barrenness.

Just one denial of motherhood should be
enough. A life ahead, who can guess
at the chances for family love?
But there were many stumbling stones
on my new path,
many hard breaks and falls.

Until finally, approaching my winter years,
a loving clan evoked my wanting.
Though I, awkward with the rosey cheeked
did try my best, still I was denied.
That is why I wear these witch’s rags;
why I walk these streets alone.

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