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Manchester Tears

written by: Nobby66



Teen-fans brim full of Ariana,
young sons larked, popped pink balloons,
Promenading Princess’s pirouetted, pranced,
rushed out to tell proud Mams and Dads...
Oh! How they’d loved it, sang and swooned...

On this strange night the Moon frowned.
From her Station the spirit of Victoria wept,
as twenty–two beautiful souls were gently lifted
onto the Saint Peter’s Gate, Heavenly Express.
Shattered dozens rescued by everyday heroes and angels
to life-fight for the right to boogie again.

Our bright Cotton City bleeds, scrikes and rises,
Mancs all, of every colour, diverse in creed,
Join Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, and plead...
End this madness by a deluded breed.

Thanks for the candles, thoughts and prayers
much love to the folk facing years of tears.
This town has dealt with mither galore
It will be mint again, of that you can be sure,
Always at the forefront, friendly, never hid
that’s our Manchester! Alright Our kid!



Write poems of all genres, particularly narrative writes about people, life events and the world we live in. Haikus and Tankas when I can. Like short stories too, a little drama and monologue works also in my stuff.
Reside in the Dark Kingdom of Lancashire, England.

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