Kateryna, Daughter of Kyiv, poetry by Nobby66 at Spillwords.com

Kateryna, Daughter of Kyiv

Kateryna, Daughter of Kyiv

written by: Nobby66



N.A.T.O. peers in from the border edge,
Sanctions set to kill Russia’s wealthy wedge.
Oligarchs run for cover, billions to hide,
Forty miles of tanks menacingly ride
On the whim of a fool stuck in the past.
Blanket lies blinker from the one TV mast.
Two U.N. members vetoe, how so?
Western Allies deem her home a no-go.
Leaders plead on a conference phone
For a bullet free escaping zone.
For arms and supplies Volodymyr gives thanks
While Kat’s Dad learns how to zap a tank.
Innocent daughter of once proud Kyiv
Cowers with cousins in a burnt-out ghetto.
Kateryna seeks sibling, Antin, in playtime dreams,
To sleep-escape the wounded’s screams.
Scar-scalded by a Putin bomb in Independence Square,
Ordered in by a Godless, despotic stare,
Who seems hell-bent
on murdering the City’s children…
Five-year-old ‘enemy’ rubble-pulled by voluntary hero
Kindergarten reduced to pulped ground zero.
Premier City, Jewel of Ukraine, tarnished by shell and gun,
Brothers and sisters attacked on morning school run.
Open arms once protected all-comers well,
shelled into a choke-gassed, battleground hell.
Little boys and girls too young to mourn dead classmates,
Cling to mothers behind walls, for rescue…they wait.
Forever waiting for a Happy Birthday…
There’s no Birthday…
There’s no mirth-day…
Lost the right to feel like every child should,
To cuddle them now…if only we could…
Offer a savoury sip of bubbly Kvas,
A healing hand to a terrified Mum…
Shell-shocked places, frightened faces…
So they force a smile and brave-wave for News at Ten,
Can we save them?
I don’t know when…
Dressing gowned viewers teacups fill with tears,
as they tune in to Ukrainian fathers’ fears,
Of no tomorrow
Of Hope tomorrow.
Desperate farewells on bus and train
Will they ever return to Ukraine?
Menfolk of all ages kiss and wave goodbye,
Then stay to fight for freedom’s price so high.

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