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Ebb And Flow

Ebb and Flow

written by: Rochelle Foles



Black as coal
        Darker than a moonless night sans stars
           As blind to sight as a blizzard to a snowflake


is this mystery



Yet with sooooooooooooooo many black holes one has to wonder

How ever does this universe exist?


Einstein would have thot it child’s play


      “Simple you bafoons,
                  One creates the chaotic world they exist in
        the other is throughly  entrenched in the theory of a chaotic universe —


so no matter the
                                                head banging


there is a  river running thru
 the   rivers   of  l  o  v  e
are rare




And when found
 than imagining.


                Flowing strong
                           from time immemorial till time ceases to exist.



            But  rivers


                   Be they crashing as white water over hidden boulders
                    or pooled
                   black as night
                                   masquerading as swimming holes


 never,never,never run clear and bubbling
                                                    Like brooks strayed from streams.


                                 L   I                    e
  rivers  are     a                     v
           In constant             f, l, u,x


Always flowing


Ever moving.


So why are you surprised to witness this miracle?


E=MC2  “


                     [Silly,  expecting constancy when change is the only constant to be true]
Rochelle Foles

Rochelle Foles

Rochelle began writing at the age of twelve. Encouraged by her local librarian, she cut her poetic teeth on ee cummings, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, all of whom continue to influence her writing today.

She is a logophile and her playful attitude towards words can often be seen in her writing through her use of fonts, space, spelling and design.

She considers it a privilege to be read and to be an active contributor to Spillwords.
Rochelle Foles

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