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Dear Her

Dear Her

written by: devereaux frazier



Dear Her
I never thought I’d meet you
Everything I could have asked for
And so much more
Contained in one body
A mind open to the complexities of an autistic mind
A soul listening to the beat of my drum
And a heart putting forth a smile
Every time I think of your name
I’m distraught
How I spent so much time
Looking in so many places
When everything I wanted
Was right there
Barely bloomed
Spunky rose
Yet so pretty
And I hope to be near you
So soon
If I could trade every dream
About every other
I would
I would because you’re all
And none
Placing my thoughts
At your feet
Like petals
Before a queen
I confess my truth
Before my heart
I confess my sins
I write both beast
And beauty
And you fulfill
Both of me

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