How Love Tastes, poetry written by Henry Bladon at
Mandy Covington

How Love Tastes

How Love Tastes

written by: Henry Bladon


He once asked me how love tastes.

I said it can be like the tang on your tongue
when you lick a battery

Or the heat of a bass drumbeat
crushing a chilli pepper.

Sometimes it is a sherbet fizz
left behind by a shimmering face.

It’s the earthy mud from
the cap of a button mushroom

Or the metallic aftermath
from a suddenly bitten cheek.

Sometimes it is the salty rind
of a hardened cheese.

It’s cocoa dust and morning mist
or the sugar from a pink candy floss cloud.

It’s like filling your veins with Fanta
and stuffing your belly with blancmange.

It’s the hint of a summer lawn
or the flavour of 2B pencil lead.

But sometimes it’s more like following a garbage truck.



Image – 2020 pen and ink drawing by English artist Mandy Covington

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