Love Me Like A Falling Leaf, poem by Arcadia at
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Love Me Like A Falling Leaf

Love Me Like a Falling Leaf

written by: Arcadia


Love me like a falling leaf
As it looks for its way to meet the earth.
An angry storm
Or sweet breeze,
You would only wish to fall upon me.

Love me like a falling leaf.
Let me have your head on my lap.
And caress your hair,
Like dried leaves scattered around on earth.

Look for me,
When defeated.
Make me your last hope left.
Make me the home you never had,
The last spark of life in an empty dark hill.

Love me, when I’m faded, like a falling leaf
As it chooses the soil gray,
For I will love you
even when you are not so green,
And your golden crisps.

Love me like a falling leaf
As it wishes to die within earth’s embrace.
I will be waiting beneath a tree
My arms of love outstretched
For you,
Won’t let you be fallen.
Would you love me like that?



I'm someone who doesn't know whether my existence is good enough or not, but writing is the only thing that never fails me. I love to write because it helps me to be the "me" I wish I could be. It's my only comfort zone besides cooking, eating, sleeping and watching a beautiful sunset all alone with a cup of hot tea or coffee with extra milk. Hope my words will leave something in your heart. Cheers!

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