Running away from the light written by Lana Wesley at

Running Away From The Light

Running away from the light

written by: Lana Wesley



Half destroyed tower behind the tall hill
Living there for years to forget how to feel
Leaving self built prison only at night
She takes her dark wings and goes to fly
All around the tower and forest so wild
But never up the hill, not leaving that side
She knows it’s the Sun there and she feels it
Every dawn when she runs to dark room to sleep
Curtains are closed, no space for a single ray
It’s always darkness where she has to stay
Black diamonds are her eyes that only shine
In the bright and cold silent moonlight
Smile touches that delicate evil look of hers
Only at night when she is no longer a ghost
It’s her Heaven, the one whose blood’s so dark,
Running away from the light, to leave a mark
Of it on her body never felt the warmth
Is death note but why is she looking for it?
Every sunrise when the day is to be born again
She’s looking at it for a moment to awake her pain

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