Black Lips written by Lana Wesley at

Black Lips

Black Lips

written by: Lana Wesley



Your world will break apart
Silence will clear the guard
Of your mind. You’re marked
With those lips so dark
One look and they are all
You can feel, you fall
For them, you crave, dream
For them your name to scream
To call you to their world
So gentle yet so cold
They are inside but you
Can’t see it, you need to
Feel those lips of yours
Just obey the evil forces
They part in a little moan
Last defence of yours is gone
You reach longing for a kiss
Of those alluring black lips
You run hearing a voice:
“Wait, make up your choice!
Where are you going?”
“I don’t know. I’m loving!”
“That beauty is evil born!”
“And I am going for it!”
Your mind no longer thinks
Light outside are only blinks
On her face you see as real
And black lips you die to feel

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