An Evening Walk in Autumn by hedgehog at

An Evening Walk in Autumn

An Evening Walk in Autumn

written by: hedgehog


Slowly the setting sun fades into evening
Our track receding skirts by Long Wood
Beyond the trees, over the asphalt way
The pale stars were sliding into place
Too late now to turn back a different way
Fields filled the gloom and hid the path
As barbed wire that cuts fades out of sight

Silhouettes of Alder and Mountain Rowan
Reflecting like ice in the starlight’s gleam
A Robin flies into the light of the setting sun
It’s breast flashing red as a shooting star

We’re half way home by the broken turnpike
Boots so heavy from walked in mud
The half moon pale, slips ever skywards
As we stumble over the unploughed field
Safe the house beckons by the distant stream
With the wood smokes smell drifting by
Voices grow louder as we near journeys end
Reluctant to enter we sit under the starlight
As the enduring silence speaks a thousand words

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