Love Like A Bibliophile written by Sobhan Pramanik at

Love Like A Bibliophile

Love Like a Bibliophile

written by: Sobhan Pramanik



Purest of loves often leave no trails.
Like a Bibliophile’s books,
of titles read over and over again,
starchy still,
between creaseless jackets
and not a speck of dirt at the corners,
gleaming like guns in an armoury.
Unlike someone who reads to kill time
where there will always be
a piece of paper stuck somewhere
containing address or phone number
serving as a frail bookmark,
a brown coffee ring from the
bottom of Styrofoam cup,
a peacock feather in chalk dust,
or uneven lines of blue or black
at the back, scratched hard,
to get a dried pen working.

Loves of the Bibliophiles kind
are hard to find and harder to get rid of.
They leave no signs at the surface.
Their feelings are submarines
wading quietly through deep waters of souls.
setting hearts to ravishing ruins.

Sobhan Pramanik

Sobhan Pramanik

Just another 22-year-old, based out in Kolkata, living with my parents. Little confused, little concerned. I completed my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering very recently and as of now, carefully treading the tight rope of choices to wherever it is supposed to lead me to. About writing, let’s say, it is something more than just a hobby. Hobby is what people fall back to in leisure with interest and come out detoxed. Even though I am academically an engineer, writing is that one thing I wish to pursue every time, all the time, irrespective of the state of circumstances. It resolves me in a way, emotionally and mentally, adding a sense of purpose to my strides in life. Apart from that, as it is with every writer in the world, I love to read. In short, my bookshelf is all about the endlessness of hope. I am also an ardent nature worshipper and love Indian music.
Sobhan Pramanik

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