Senses A-Soar, poetry written by Jay Mehta at Spillwords.com

Senses A-Soar

Senses a-soar written by: JayM @thejaytheme   Senses Aflame: Rippled reflections on a walk in the rain, A solitary, floating, wandering cloud, Cha...
The Walk, micropoetry written by Siva Wright at Spillwords.com

The Walk

The Walk written by: Siva Wright   I walk and I walk and I walk the same roads the same shades the same falling leaves touch my shoulders like leav...
We Walk Alone, poetry written by Lucy at Spillwords.com

We Walk Alone

We Walk Alone written by: Lucy   Blue fog, derived from the morning, Dancing alone in an orchard with the breeze, In a world torn with a hunt—a slow d...