Memories, a poem by James Walmsley at
Ralph Nas



written by: James Walmsley


I saw it clearly the way I had to go,
I knew it would take a day or so.
A day or so I could spare with ease,
to ponder the regret that never leaves.

Very slowly at first, the thoughts begin,
thoughts, memories from deep within.
From the very depths of my riven soul,
they grow as the last Autumn leaves fall.

The place I walk to is not known to me,
though it is the right place for me to be.
Memories, hauntingly come to my mind,
love and tragedies, they slowly unwind.

The way I now travel is in winter cold,
the pain is welcome, if the truth be told.
The thoughts are numbed, sadness now,
it is to a greater being my head I bow.

When the way is near its inevitable end,
And no more tragedies of life to contend.
Memories give me a glance of her face,
I see her waiting in this beautiful place.

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