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Nik Shuliahin

We Are Warriors

We Are Warriors

written by: Cyril Giraud


We are warriors
Those that smile when difficulties arise
Captains of ships that sail on seas of serenity
They say We are warriors of light
That in time, we’ll stop all the blight
That has set this planet alight

We are warriors
Fearless we yield no weapons
Have Inner lands richer than all corporations or nations.
Behold of our riches!
For you might fall victim
To the temptation of a life without consumption

We are warriors
Keepers, brothers of mother nature
Living in unison with the universe
Singing songs of melodies pure and clear
Let yourself vibrate to the rhythm of our drums
For we dance with flags of strength and hope.

We are warriors
Those that hold out a hand to strangers
Befriend beggars and share campfire tales
They say that we are not loners
That in time, we will come together
To speak out the message of all the First Nations.

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