The Fool, poetry by Cyril Giraud at
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The Fool

The Fool

written by: Cyril Giraud


Let the wind bristle through your hair,
Chanting songs of the day’s beauty with care.
Perfume of flowers in delicate hands
Let us play till the hour glass still stands.

Walking through blooming fields of red,
Whistling the songs that freedom led,
A long stick to carry a light bundle
To dance playfully onwards to the jungle.

One day choosing to wear a colourful skirt,
Sea horses free and manliness desert.
Defiance, and trust in our masculinity.
Open to change, let’s welcome our unity.

Stumbling like new borns out of a cradle,
Lost, in bliss we lead our way to fable.
Breathing in lights of today’s hope,
To keep balance on our tight rope.

Spring time comes, head in the clouds.
Land and seas to cross generously
Trees pull in, and the birds sing gracefully.

Trust in you to let the sails free to blow,
Patience, for the candle’s boat will glow.
As we embark, the dog a companion for life
Turns us away from the edge of the cliff.

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