Crescendo, poetry by Alan David Gould at
Galyna Andrushko



written by: Alan David Gould


A 60-cycle hum vibrates the motionless air
Sprinklers blanket the green canopy
An alligator glides imperceptibly on the lake’s mirror surface
A red hibiscus dislodges, landing noiselessly on the ground
A bunny’s white slippers disappear into a hedge

The quiet is palpable

Now a dove coos softly in the cotton silence
A dog barks a tentative wake-up call
Wrapped high around the point of a new palm, a crow utters a terse warning
Squirrels chatter as they goad each other up and down the oaks

Skimmers shoot the lake, dipping for small fish
Cranes and egrets soar through the tapestry of sky, and break the commanding silence with their piercing cries

A dumpster hits the blacktop with a resounding slam
A truck asserts itself as gears strain, plodding down the highway
The first line of traffic telegraphs through the canyon of the parkway

A peal of thunder ricochets off the clouds
as the morning materializes
with the sounds of the emerging day

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