Shine For Me, My Sun by Lana Wesley at

Shine For Me, My Sun

Shine For Me, My Sun

written by: Lana Wesley



The light will not be gone
I find you in the darkest night
Come to me, stay mine tonight
Caress of yours is my air
I will forget it’s not fair
To take you away from the world
But now you’re mine to hold
Shine onto me and around
Lift me up from the ground
In the space behind my view
Go and take me there too
If I burn there in a moment
It will be worth the sweetest torment
Of your touch on my skin
Take all out and within
Dancing lost in your light
Too bright to make me blind
I will become one with you
Say now, would you like me to
Call for you and reach again
To the sky with my hand
Put one warm ray of yours
Let me feel the enormous force
Of your destroying gaze
Leave a trace of it on my face
I wait, I am here, I stay
Come to me, my Sun, I pray

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