The Romantic Poem! written by Bitupan Das at

The Romantic Poem!

The Romantic Poem!

written by: Bitupan Das


I was busy writing the elegy
Of my life.
Like death before I die.
Walking Zombie,
Love is right.

In search of love
But the lover is dark.
Though rational being, I am.
Logic is right.
God can be questioned.
But love is right.

In search of Love,
But the lover is dark.
Life is lost.
Like I am done with love.
But my pen still dances to write
The romantic poem.
That I used to write.
But my lips still move and smile
To sing the romantic song.

My heart still beats,
when I look around,
and see the smiling faces of people going by,
The giggling baby,
And the little soft hands of a newborn,
when I touch,
The little innocent, naughty puppy,
The blue broad sky,
The laughter of the ocean wave,
The calm and soft wind carrying river,
The Moon in the night,
The stars in dark,
These things really make me alive,
When I really realize
And fight to make time.

Everything I see,
Is the true nature of love.
Why people are so lonely today,
Don’t forget, love is right,
Love always lives in our heart.
Though it stops to beat,
Though it doesn’t agree to meet,



Love is eternal.
Love never dies.

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