Caged Birds, a poem by Bitupan Das at
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Caged Birds

Caged Birds

written by: Bitupan Das


I see caged birds
Let them fly
Open the cage door
Nah, they will not gonna fly
They will come back again
I see caged birds
Living a robotic life

When I was little
Mama took me to school
She opened the cage door
First I cried
Then I became used to it
I ate everything up to my throat
I lost my own voice
My own dreams
Now, I can’t think of my own
I have wings
Still, I can’t fly
I’m a caged bird

I see people in love
Broken relationships
Emotionally manipulated caged birds
They are used to it
The pain, the trauma
Is their world now
Sadness is the blanket of warmth
Lonely cold nights their peace
I see caged birds

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