The Upside Down, written by Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella at

The Upside Down

The Upside Down

written by: Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella



Lightning flashes from my mouth
devouring the rustling leaves.

I lie in wait, ear to the ground,
flush with the terrene pulse
listening to salted currents of electricity
that spark a diorama of dancing shadows behind my eyes.
The beating heart pounds through my head
like the smoke that thunders and becomes a portal
pouring me out and over waterfalls.

I lie in haste, eyes under the surface,
taking on water.
The force of flood trembles and mixes with refracted sunlight.
Their champagne bubbles above me, siren songs below,
as I’m pulled down toward a hub of truth
that becomes a portal rolling me up and out
in a velvet web of moss.

Steam rises from my skin as the blanket dissolves
healing the heartwood.

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