Creature, written by Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella at


written by: Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella



Licking lesions with a coarse tongue salty with sound bites.
There is safety in this dark and heavy handed silence.
Drowning the ghosts of last call in danceable beats of fortitude
bordering on self-righteousness;
while feet trace names and the diagrams of change in the dust.

I am conundrum onto myself.
A mythological reality.
While my spirit is born of water’s tears I do not live beneath its swells.
Because once sworn in, I am an earth dweller, a resident of caves, jungle explorer,
tree tenant, griffin-esque.
I am a creature.

Claws retracted, but stay sharp at the ready.
My stripes ripple beneath the blades of my wings.
Beware of purple heart; valiant, predatory, and pining in the corner.
The jagged juicy mouth will take you in as teeth graze and grip;
legs wrapped hard surround, venus fly trap.

I am a creature, stalking the fresh meat of possibility.
I can smell the blood through my tongue,
lapping at life so rich it fights to clot on the way down.
It fills me quickly, leaving me satiated…for a moment.

Waxing, waning, waiting…
to feed on something bigger than myself
beyond what is being offered, beyond what is even deserved.
Waxing, waning, waiting…
to hunt.

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