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I’ll Celebrate Myself…!

I’ll Celebrate Myself…!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



While grieving on my unrealized dreams,
I’ll keep on cherishing my loved ones.
I’ll go with the ‘Remnants of Something’
rather than chasing ‘Everything’ or ‘Nothing’.

Yes, I’ll always love my medusa hair look
yet I’ll glitz myself in the vanity.
I’ll let no one decide and judge my Substance,
ignoring my Self-worth or prejudicing my Pride.

I’ll smile on my feats, laugh on my spoofs,
cry on my damp-squibs, lament on my defeats;
wail in my frustrations
and smirk on my pranks.

My vulnerability is my brawn.
It makes me human.
I won’t let anyone doubt
and question it as my infirmity.

I know people will scrutinize my perfections,
yet I’ll love to live with my faults and flaws.
Oh yes, I’ll still celebrate myself.
No matter what…!

Monika Ajay Kaul

Monika Ajay Kaul

Born in the breathtakingly beautiful vale of Kashmir, Monika Ajay Kaul has had her schooling done there. A Post-Graduate in Business Management from New Delhi, an Academician by profession. She is passionate about writing poetry and short stories. An avid reader, mostly biographies and autobiographies of World Artists and Writers. Currently a full-time toiling mother. Besides writing, she is a painter too. Giving wings to her imagination through Beautiful Colors and Wuthering Words. As she has rightly put it into words, "Give wings to your imagination..and let your ingenuity fly..!"
Monika Ajay Kaul

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