Her Laughter To Be The Last Thing You Hear, written by Lana Wesley at Spillwords.com

Her Laughter To Be The Last Thing You Hear

Her Laughter To Be The Last Thing You Hear

written by: Lana Wesley



In this deadly world, he is a rock
All in his hands, heart’s under lock
He’s proud and cruel, never weak
Ready to climb the highest mountains peak
Another journey he takes to find
Something never touched before his sight
Something new, something to fight
He’s looking for another twist of life
The big boat is crushing waves dark
He’s looking at the sunset sharp
Cold is touching his blood but colder
It runs inside him, red no longer
Among the whisper of the ocean clear
He’s hearing quiet voice coming near
Along with mind his hand turns the wheel
“Now, this is something I could never feel”
The voice is closer and louder, and, oh,
More beautiful! “I need to hear more!”
Quick amusement ran through his mind
“I’ve lost my route and don’t know why”
Fear caught him, he cleared his throat
“Not getting me, get out of my thoughts!”
Turn the wheel another side but how?
Body is captured by the sound around
The last flick of anger was melted into the light
In front of him so beautiful and bright
The voice of mesmerizing woman he chased
Was as magical as crystal eyes on her face
“Who are you? I must be dreaming still”
He thought quickly coming closer, near
He stood and lost himself at once
She took his hand and said: “Let’s dance”
The gentle hand covered his, he felt struck
Highest pressure didn’t leave a mark
He knew he’s giving up on what’s stronger
He reached to her lips, couldn’t wait longer
Almost getting to that delicate surface
He falls numb on ground, eyes still on her face
In his world, he thought and was a tyrant
But here she laughs at him, the Siren

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