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Spring Serenade

written by: Verona Jones


One beautiful spring morning
Against a cloudless azure sky,
Carried on a slight cool breeze
Sweet dulcet notes like a sigh.

Against a cloudless azure sky
White cherry blossoms danced,
While perched yon Mocking bird
Sang his little song entranced.

Carried on slight cool breeze,
Melodious notes filled the air.
Wrapping around my heart tight
Melting away the days wear.

Sweet dulcet notes like a sigh
Heavenly song nature performs,
Reminding me in one moment
Angels come in many forms.

Verona Jones

Verona Jones

I'm an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. I currently attending Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) pursuing a Master's in Creative Writing. Emphasis on Fiction. I'm a rookie writer for Coffee House Writers, Digital Fox Media, and Vocal.media. I'm getting experience writing, and slowly building my portfolio. I'm hoping to become a professional writer. That's my dream and my goal.
Verona Jones

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