All Hallows' Eve, a poem by Verona Jones at

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve

written by: Verona Jones



An eerie mist flows across the pasture
The cows moo nervously, flicking their tails
The whippoorwills cease their trills
And the crickets became deadly still

Something wicked this way comes
Wrapped within that silent mist,
An ancient hunger that thirsts
With a nameless yearning that hurts
The creature slowly moves into town

Like a lover’s kiss, soft and gentle
It flowed across the sleepy houses
Dotted along the deserted streets
Copious fingers splay upon locked casements
Seeking entry to sate an evil appetite

It has no mind; this icy mist
Just a never-ending thirst
Gnawing continuously at its vacuous spirit
Vaguely remembering it once was human
Long ago, it lost its physical form

Becoming only this questing entity of darkness
Searching for what – It didn’t know
Only that it needed to fill this empty hole
So, it continues to spread this evil blanket
Smothering the valley with its wickedness

Slowly feeding on the town’s innocent souls
As they slept in repose, dreaming unaware
Of what walked among them this All Hallows’ Eve

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